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Before Monster Hunter: World, the series always seemed to me as if it was too daunting to get into. However, a few friends of mine convinced me to get the game and with their guidance, I was able to learn the game and enjoy the series.

With Monster Hunter Rise released, I now find myself on the other end where I’m the veteran and I’m teaching my cousin, a newcomer to the series, about the game. …

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After the pandemic forced the NCAA to cancel the men’s basketball tournament last year, the first weekend of this year’s March Madness has reminded me why I missed this tournament so much.

There have already been upsets, clutch shots, and Cinderella stories. All we’re missing is a buzzer-beater, which has somehow eluded every team so far. Still, it’s been an exciting first couple of rounds for neutral fans or basketball junkies who’ve missed this marathon of madness.

However, as exciting as this has been for neutral fans like me, the announcers on the mic have also contributed to that, adding…

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Since the 2002–03 season, when the NBA made every playoff round best-of-seven series, the same conference has had the league’s two best records nine times. In three of those years, the same conference had the top three records in the league. The 2002–2003 season had the biggest discrepancy between conferences, with the Western Conference having the four best records in the NBA, while the West’s fifth and sixth seeded teams shared the same record as the Eastern Conference’s first seed.

If the league’s two best records belong to teams in the same conference, the latest they can meet is in…

In one fight, I’m taking down a DJ in a planetarium with my guitar, and in the next one, I’m firing musical notes at a Hatsune Miku mermaid. You control aspiring rock stars Mayday and Zuke, members of the band, Bunk Bed Junction, as they take on NSR, the EDM empire that’s outlawed any other type of music in Vinyl City. Along the way, you face off against minions whose attacks sync with the backing track before facing bosses who are affectionate parodies of boy bands and piano prodigies. No Straight Roads is an ambitious effort from Malaysian studio Metronomik…

I don’t like getting stung either, but at least that’s my fault.

A little over a week into Animal Crossing: New Horizons, my brother and I have shared an island, and I’m enjoying my playthrough so far. Building up the island and gradually expanding my in-game house has been therapeutic, and my daily playthroughs have been akin to meditation sessions. …

After the first full weekend of college football with almost 90 games, it’s hard to keep track of the best and most important games that happened. Today, I’ll recap the best games of the previous week as well as preview the most interesting games this weekend.

Best Games of Week 1

#11 Michigan State 38, Utah State 31

One of the biggest surprises of opening weekend, Utah State pushed the Spartans to the brink.

The Aggies came ready to play, scoring a touchdown on the game’s opening possession. …

Move over NFL Preseason. Meaningful football is back and it returns sooner than you think.

With almost 90 games next weekend, it’s easy to think that Labor Day Weekend would be the start of the college football season. Fortunately for fans everywhere, the season starts a little earlier, as there are four games scheduled for this Saturday.

Today, I’ll take a look at these four games, with a preview for each of the schools. …

I think someone’s hand slipped.

Viewers watching the Spurs-Lakers game Wednesday night were treated to a pretty entertaining game, with the game having 21 ties, 17 lead changes and neither team taking a double-digit lead in regulation. With the game tied in the final seconds, the Lakers had the ball with a chance to win with a last second shot. Josh Hart drove to the basket with time expiring, and…ESPN pulled a Heidi.

This has to be the production team’s worst nightmare. Well, actually it would’ve been worse if Hart made the shot. …

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